Yes, since you’ll have the access to the Learning Management Software, you have the control of the Pace.

No, we believe any time is the right time for learning.

You can List on LinkedIn profile under “Education” as follows:

School: Veer Online Education, UK

Dates Attended: As Applicable

Degree: Executive Master in Business Administration

You will receive a soft copy via e-mail. But YES, you can receive a hard copy for a small additional cost.

The school is affiliated through our accreditation agency with various UK universities.

Once you have completed the program and your assignments have been graded you will be awarded your masters certificate.

You can contact the professors at any time via email and yes webinars are there too.

You will access to the material for the whole duration of the program.

We accept ECTS credits from other accredited schools.

No, the full amount is due before you start the program. But we accept credit card payments, you may try reaching your credit card bank to avail the post payment EMI option.

No, it is not necessary to visit the campus.

We use a Continual Assessment process. There are no final exams but a series of assignment throughout the program that you must pass in order to complete the course.

No, nothing else is required for the completion of the course. Computer with internet connection is what you need with basic working software which most of the computer systems do have.

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